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Financial Aid

You Have Options. Let’s Work Together to Find Out What’s Right for You!

Taking the first step in choosing your career path, and continuing your education, is one of the most rewarding investments you will make in life. The Financial Aid Office strives to provide the highest quality service to students and families with maintaining a comfortable atmosphere while discussing the logic of the Financial Aid Process. You will have a clear picture of what it will realistically cost to attend school, and begin your journey to success! The Financial Aid Office provides counseling to students and families to ensure their understanding of the financial aid process. It will also be explained how each fund source relates to the students associated with financing an education. Our Financial Aid Administrators are passionate about what they do and enjoy helping every student accomplish their goal of becoming successful. The administrators are available at your convenience and prepared to answer any questions for you throughout each step of the process. 

For the Bristol Campus Only:
The PA State Grant application deadline is May 1st, 2022 for renewals, and August 1, 2022, for new applicants. To apply for a PA State Grant, applicants must first complete the 2022-23 FAFSA® Applicants can access this form online at pheaa.org/FAFSA or fafsa.ed.gov.

Advisory on Submitting FAFSA Early

Don’t Forget to Fill Out Your FAFSA

Please remember to submit your 2023-2024 FAFSA for your up and coming academic year to www.fafsa.ed.gov.

FAFSA Simplification

Big Changes for 2024-2025 are coming

Simplifying the financial aid application process

The FAFSA Simplification Act is an initiative by the United States Department of Education to make applying for federal student aid easier for students

FAFSA Simplification at a Glance

The FAFSA Simplification Act was passed into law as part of the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2021.This process is the first major redesign of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) process in over 40 years. It demonstrates a significant overhaul of federal student aid, including changes to the FAFSA form, need analysis and many policies and procedures for schools that participate in the Title IV programs.

2024–25 FAFSA Timeline Updates:

The 2024-2025 FASA is now available for submission.

The 2024–25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) form is available periodically as part of the soft launch. During the soft launch, the FAFSA form will be available sporadically while the U.S. Department of Education monitors site performance and form functionality.
The soft launch has been implemented by the Department of Education to audit applications as they are submitted for accuracy. The FAFSA form will be assessed by the Department of Education until the soft launch has completed. FAFSA submissions will begin processing after the soft launch completes, the DOE has hopes that will be in the beginning to middle of February 2024.

Benefits to the FAFSA Simplification Act:

Students and families will see a difference in their ability to pay for higher education and experience a change in the methodology used to determine their eligibility for federal student aid. The benefits of the updates to the FAFSA include:
  • A simplified application process
  • Broadened eligibility for Federal Student Aid
  • Broadened eligibility for the Federal Pell Grant
  • Reduced hindrances for certain student populations
  • A less stressful experience for the applicant
  • Improved data sharing with IRS through the FUTURE ACT, ‘FA-DDX’

Changes to the FAFSA

Changes to FAFSA questions and need analysis:
  • The number of questions will be reduced
  • The Student Aid Index (SAI) will replace the Expected Family Contribution (EFC).
  • The Cost of Attendance (COA) will be the starting point for calculating the SAI. COA includes direct costs (charges for which the Institution bills you directly) and estimated indirect costs (living expenses) to fund educational expenses for a year
  • The SAI will allow a negative number to generate, as low as -1500
Changes to data collection and support for completing the FAFSA form:
  • Anyone asked to provide information on the aid application—student, spouse, student’s parent(s) and/or stepparents(s)—is now referred to as a “contributor” to the application.
  • Students, spouses, parents, and stepparents (contributors) will need to provide their consent to provide their Federal Tax Information (FTI) in the new Consent to Retrieve and Disclose Federal Tax Information section of the FAFSA in order to be eligible for federal student aid.
    • If any contributor to the FAFSA form does not provide consent, submission of the form will still be allowed; however, a Student Aid Index (SAI) will not be calculated. Unless the information is manually entered on to the application.
    • The Custodial Parent on your FAFSA will be the parent(s) who provided you with more financial support, instead of the parent(s) with whom you lived more during the past 12 months.


Federal Student Aid: http://studentaid.gov/help-center/answers/article/fafsa-simplification-act

Financial Aid Office
Blackwood, NJ 08012
Phone: 856-232-0310
Email: AskNJFA@muschis-ficken.net
Financial Aid Office
Bristol, PA 19007
Phone: 215-785-0111
Email: AskPAFA@Penncotech.edu

FAFSA Simplification Flyer

For your added convenience, we have listed our school codes below. Although our Financial Aid department has limited staff at this time, we
are still here to assist you. Please feel free to call us and leave a message, and someone will contact you within a day.

School Codes for FAFSA Application:

  • Blackwood Campus – 014877
  • Bristol Campus – 005939

High School Senior Scholarships

For more information on High School Senior Scholarships please contact us today.

Individual Consultations

The Financial Aid Team at Pennco Tech is here to help guide you through the process of applying for Financial Aid. Everyone who visits
our campuses to learn more about Pennco Tech’s programs is invited to consult with our Financial Aid staff. They will discuss with you how much money you will be receiving to help pay for school and counsel you on what exactly your financial aid package involves. These consultations are your chance to ask questions, discuss financial aid options and gain a better understanding of how the financial aid programs we offer can make your career-training decision a sound investment.

The following Financial Aid Programs are available to those who qualify:
  • Grants
  • Scholarships
  • Student Stafford Loans
  • Private Educational Loans
  • Veterans Educational Benefits
  • Third-Party Contracts
  • Sallie Mae Student Loans

Next Step

Make sure you get in touch with one of our Financial Aid professionals. Our experts will help you navigate all the details. This
will give you the insights you will need to make the best financial choices for your career path. The Financial Aid Office at Pennco Tech is
aware that each student’s aid eligibility may differ and require in-depth attention and follow up to ensure the student’s satisfaction
and understanding of the Financial Aid Office’s packaging principles.

Need to Make an Appointment or Contact Us:

‘I got it!!!!!I got it!’, Anthony said as he raced into the Career Services Office. He was talking about his new job. Hired by a former graduate of Pennco Tech, Anthony will begin his new career with a two-day OSHA training course.

Anthony Z. - Air Conditioning/Heating Graduate

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Mark E. - Electrician Graduate

I just wanted to say thank you again for all your help…I just got a full time job at Kennedy Healthcare in Stratford, NJ as a Patient Services Representative. Thank you again.

Maria Z. - Medical Assisting Administrative Graduate